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Thundering is a kind of commonner natural phenomenon, also be a kind of appearance that can bring certain fright to darling. If thunder,frightened the word of darling, darling can appear probably to fear or cry the appearance that make, it is under this kind of circumstance, adopt regular method to undertake was conciliatoried to darling with respect to need. So, thundered what safeguard the parent should take to the baby? Later development will undertake introductory! Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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How does thundery baby do

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The fear of lightning cries be troubled by, basically be 0-1 year old infantile period, because voice is tremendous, strong the reason of light stimulus, the insecurity to thunder, scared mood also can affect parentsShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Darling, want to let darling do not fear so thunder, basically be to give darling enough safe sense:

The parent holds firmly darling, cover darling is auditive. Parental hug can give darling the biggest safe move, andForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The darling such as the temperature on parental sound, body, odour is very familiar, darling and parent are in at the same place mentally has support more, the fear to thunder can be reduced.

How does thundery baby do

The attention of dispersive darling. Although the sound of thunder is bigger, shining very strong, but the parent can disperse the attention of darling, match darling conversation, play game, to him most the toy that like, conduce to move darling attention, make darling progressively get used to the environment that has thunder and lightning.

Listen to darling slow music. Slow music conduces to darling loosening, smooth and steady mood, and still can the musical accomplishment of nurturance darling, some darling begin to hear music from fetal period, after be born, be opposite music is more sensitive, better in the conciliatory effect of thunderstorm day.

How does thundery baby do

If be the circumstance that darling is asleep, also can pass take baby continuously, add his safe touch, if thunder is not particularly old saying, can conduce to darling continueing to sleepA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Become aware.

If still cannot alleviate, if feeling serious, can take bit of stable drug to the child a little below the doctor’s guidance, let her one thunders the experience that also is not fear of, of course, thisNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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What the child cannot let know to eat in the process is what medicine, conduce to the confidence that builds her so!

When when darling age is largish, can be besides conciliatory darling, popularize thunder knowledge to darling, tell about the note of thunderstorm day, letting darling understand thunder is not special dreariness, also be a kind of natural weather phenomenon, let darling is familiar with and get used to thunderstorm weather.

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