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Article introduction

A lot of males sufferred from impotent later, do not be willing to go to a hospital having treatment, because they feel this is a thing of special lose face, to the male, affect not only healthy, still affect mental health, actually male friends should face up to thisShanghai night net

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The disease of appearance, must discover as early as possible, treat as early as possible, such ability prevent a disease quite more serious, so implement pledge sexual impotence can restore?

 Implement pledge sexual impotence can restore

It is particularly serious that impotent occurrence is endangered to male friend, so at ordinary times shouldForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The attention has protected his body, avoid to be harmed by such disease, and impotent also divide it is a lot of kinds, implement of qualitative sex impotent namely among them a kind, implement qualitative sex is impotent beShanghai noble baby

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Sexual dysfunction is in clinical on common disease, every produces disease of sex of serious whole body, chronic and reproduction fasten the patient of the disease such as congenital deformation, can cause implement qualitative sex is impotent, sicken must want to undertake actively remedial just going later.

 Implement pledge sexual impotence can restore

Measure / method:

1 implement qualitative sex is impotent cure is special difficulty, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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With can curing everybody cannot be judged, observe after can active cure only, take medicaments according to particular case, and undertake living adjustment, can say to there is resumptive possibility after cure only, but if beNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Spermary atrophy and Gao ketone are low those who bring about, resumptive possibility very little.

2 bring about implement the reason with qualitative impotent sex is very much, congenital blemish is the directest, be like bisexual deformation and small penis, perhaps accompany the issue such as the scleroma of celiac side penis that has next urethral cracking, white film of disease of sclerosis of additional vulva bine and phallic sponge body appears fragily, bring about possibly implement qualitative sex is impotentFall in love with the sea

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3 blood-vessel are congenital unusual or block arteriosclerosis, the penis is unusual erect and local and hemal thrombosis also should notice to just go, odd side or bilateral the penis is arterial advocate raise or branch depauperate or distributing unusual, what sponge body blood stream arranges a system is unusual wait for a problem to all can be brought about implement of qualitative sex impotent.

 Implement pledge sexual impotence can restore


Psychological element is impotent to treat and preventing the male have very main effect, want to have sufficient knowledge to sexual knowledge first, be familiar with the mental element influence to sexual function adequately. Want to treat sexual desire correctly, cannot be being regarded is shameful thing and detest and be fear of, also cannot fail because of 9 sexual intercourse and feel depressed and anxious, let oneself lack enough confidence.

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